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The Walter Spohn Trust (previously the Walter Spohn Educational Fund) was established in 2003 to provide financial support to individuals initiating educational and research projects to advance the field of Anaplastology. Walter Spohn's enthusiasm for his profession and passion to share his knowledge with others lead to the founding of the American Anaplastology Association in 1980, which has expanded to become the International Anaplastology Association in 2008.


Today, the WST is working to achieve its goals through its supportive programing and special events, which includes:


Our mission is to advance clinical and practical education and scientific research in support of patient care in the field of Anaplastology.




Our vision is to be recognized as an important source for funding advanced learning in the field of Anaplastology and to form partnerships with business, industry, health education organizations, and health care institutions; these partners will help promote our mission to a wider range of private and public donors.




Our Values are to seek excellence and be committed to continuous improvement in all our endeavors.




The WST receives funding through various fundraising initiatives, including annual Walter Spohn memorial fundraising events held during the International Anaplastology Association’s annual meeting, as well as corporate and institutional donations, private donations from IAA members, and special gifts from grateful recipients of prosthetic care, and from the general public.


The Walter Spohn Trust is a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization.
Donate online or call 
(561) 414-0675.

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