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$20 Donation = 1 Raffle Ticket

2021 WST


The 2021 WST Raffle is a fundraising initiative to support giving programs of the Walter Spohn Trust, devoted to  innovative research and education in the field of anaplastology.

For every $20 you donate, one raffle ticket will be entered for you to win the prizes below.
On January 3rd, a drawing will occur for each prize. Your raffle ticket(s) will be entered for every drawing.

If your ticket wins a prize, that ticket will not be eligible for subsequent prize drawings. 
If you have purchased multiple tickets, your remaining tickets will be eligible to win other prizes.


Shining3D EinScan H

Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source Handheld Color 3D Scanner

EinScan H 3D Scanner

SHINING 3D’s newly developed handheld 3D scanner’s hybrid structure light source technology integrating LED structured light and invisible infrared light into one device and adding advanced smart presetting in different scan modes, allows 3D scanning in a broad range of applications and promotes the popularization of portable 3D scanning technology.


Learn more. Visit >

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$200 IAA Credit

International Anaplastology Association Credit

The winner of this raffle prize will be given a $200 credit that may be used toward any of the following: 

  • IAA Member Dues

  • 2022 Annual Conference Registration Fee

  • 2022 Access Anaplastology Web Series Registration Fee(s)

The credit will expire on December 31st, 2022. 


The International Anaplastology Association promotes quality patient care by supporting the development of best practices in anaplastology through educational conferences, networking, publication, and advocacy opportunities. IAA members are from around the world and from a variety of specialties: anaplastology, dentistry, maxillofacial prosthodontics and technology, medicine, ocularistry, special effects makeup and prosthetics, engineering, and more.


Learn more. Visit >

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$500 Factor II Gift Certificate


The Factor II gift certificate can be used for products and equipment on the Factor II website. Factor II will cover the cost of shipping for items purchased with the gift certificate. 


Since 1978 Factor II, Inc. has been recognized as an innovative leader in the application and advancement of prosthetic materials. Today, Factor II, Inc. is the most comprehensive supplier of medical, prosthetic, and three dimensional make-up supplies in the world. Factor II, Inc. strives to continually enhance and improve existing materials, applications, and technologies in maxillofacial and prosthetic industries through research and development and strategic alliances with the best, most creative people in the field.


Learn more. Visit >

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