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Research Grant Progress

Update from 2019 WST Research Grant recipient Andrew Etheridge and Collaborators

Since receiving funding last December, 2019 WST Research Grant recipient Andrew Etheridge and collaborators Tim Currence and Devin Metcalfe of Fourth Seal Studios have made exciting progress. Their project, Assessing FormLabs 3D Printing for Re-engineering of Ocular Prostheses, investigates new materials and techniques for 3D printing of ocular prostheses to improve mold-making and casting processes.

With WST grant support, Andrew's team has invested in a FormLabs 3 SLA printer, conducted research on biocompatible 3D printing materials, developed a 3D-printed mold for ocular fabrication, and refined the printing process to eliminate porosity in the 3D-printed ocular prosthesis. See photos of their progress, below.

WST Research Grant recipients have 2 years to complete their research. We look forward to the results in 2021!

Images courtesy of Andrew Etheridge.

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