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2021 WST Research Grant awarded to Rosemary Seelaus, BS, MAMS, CCA

Can 3D printing replicate skin color?

The 2021 Walter Spohn Trust Grant winner, Rosemary Seelaus, aims to explore the ability of 3D printing devices to reproduce color in a predictable manner and with a clinically acceptable result. Stay tuned for updates and results in the coming year.

Screenshots of data from SpectraMagic™ NX Color Data Software
Data from the software program being used by Rosemary Seelaus. Photo credit

The 2023 WST Grant Cycle begins April 15th. For more information about the WST Grant program visit

About Rosemary

Rosemary Seelaus, BS, MAMS, CCA is a Senior Anaplastologist at the UI Health Craniofacial Center. Ms. Seelaus' clinical practice specializes primarily in the treatment and fabrication of implant-retained facial prostheses and virtual surgical planning for facial reconstruction using 3D imaging & printing technologies. She maintains an emphasis on ensuring that an informed patient and family are central to defining treatment goals and successful outcomes. A leader in her field, Ms. Seelaus has lectured extensively worldwide on her clinical and technological expertise and has mentored graduate and postgraduate students both domestically and abroad. Her primary research interests are central to the clinical application of 3D digital and coloring technologies to define best practices and treatment outcomes for surgical and prosthetic reconstruction and rehabilitation of the head and neck. She has served on multiple professional, scientific, and editorial boards and committees for both research and clinical endeavors.

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