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AAM - June 1, 2020

June 2020 marks the inaugural celebration of Anaplastology Awareness Month!

The work of anaplastologists is intentionally not meant to receive much attention – we’re doing our jobs well if our patients’ prostheses go undetected. Furthermore, we can hardly expect our patients to advertise their prostheses on our behalf.

The truth is we’re a small group of specialists that will always need to self-promote, not just to ensure we have enough patients to keep our doors open, but to ensure that our profession receives the attention it needs to secure a bright future. In order for funding opportunities to exist from the WST and other sources, more people need to know what anaplastology is and why they should care about it. Other healthcare professionals, learning institutions, even our employers need to better understand what we have to offer and how we can contribute to patient rehabilitation. Awareness is vital to our growth and sustainability.

Walter Spohn founded our professional organization now known as the International Anaplastology Association. He played a fundamental role in establishing credibility and notoriety for our field among healthcare professionals. Walter’s birthday was June 5th and in honor of his ample contributions, we have selected the month of June to be recognized as Anaplastology Awareness Month (AAM). In this inaugural celebration of AAM and for years to come, we will share information about the practice of anaplastology and feature colleague spotlights, patient testimonials, and innovations in the field.

Awareness is vital to our growth and sustainability.


Our aim is to improve awareness everywhere we can – among potential patients, referral sources, employers, legislators, advocates, funding sources, industrial partners and collaborators, etc. Join us this June by following and sharing our posts with your communities and followers.

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