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Finger Fabrication Techniques

Anaplastology Awareness Month 2020

One of the finishing touches that can bring a partial hand prosthesis to life is the fingernail. While thefingersocket is made with silicone, there are various material options for the fingernail, such as:

• silicone nails fabricated from the same durable material as the finger itself;

• traditional acrylic nails fabricated separately and adhered to the silicone nail bed; and

• a hybrid option where a sturdy silicone nail is coated in a thick cyanoacrylate material These images showcase the hybrid option — the silicone nails are durable and can be painted and repainted with regular nail polish. The hybrid nail can also exhibit better retention to thefingerthan adhered acrylic nails.

For patients who enjoy longer, decorated fingernails, having a variety of fabrication methods helps the anaplastologist ensure their prostheses live up to their style! Fashion doesn't have to be compromised for function.

Images courtesy of Prosthetics at Graphica Medica (, @prosthetics_gm )

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