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Anaplastologist Spotlight - Robert F. Robinson Jr., BS, MSA, CCA

Anaplastology Awareness Month 2020

A patient's condition indicating the need for anaplastology services can originate from: accidentent-related or traumatic injuries; congenital conditions; or disease, such as cancer.

Robert F. Robinson Jr. BS, MSA, CCA Clinical Anaplastologist

Maxillofacial ProsthetistLangley Air Force Base633rd Dental Squadron,633rd Medical Group,633rd Air Combat CommandHampton, VA, USA

Robert is a retired navy Clinical Anaplastologist/Dental Maxillofacial Prosthetist. Robert currently works for Langley Air Force Base 633rd Dental Squadron, 633rd Medical Group, 633rd Air Combat Command Hampton, VA. He is also the owner and operator of a private practice in Suffolk, VA. As part of a team of specialists in the Greater Hampton Roads area, Robert provides patient referrals and treatment plans on the functionality of difficult designs for intraoral and facial prosthetic appliances. He has over 34 years of experience treating military service members and their dependents impacted by congenital conditions, cancer and/or trauma.

Mr. Robinson is a subject matter expert (SME) and provides continuing education (CE) to 26 dental staff and advance education to general dentist (AEGD) residents. As part of the edification staff, he provides upgrade training to enlisted dental laboratory technicians on the full range of conventional and nonconventional prosthetic appliances to include but not limited to single/multiple unit crowns, bridges, implants, acrylics, ocular, nasal, auricular, orbital, and cranial prostheses.

What does Robert enjoy most about his work as an anaplastologist?

“Providing medical and dental services to our wounded warriors and their family undergoing rehabilitation.”

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